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Durand Begault, PhD, FAES

Director, Audio Forensic Center

University of California, San Diego, PhD Computer Audio

Mills College, MFA Electronic Recording Media

University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A. Music-Heuristic Models

  • Adjunct Faculty, McGill University, 2003
  • Audio Engineering Society
  • Acoustical Society America
  • Fellowship Award, Audio Engineering Society

The Story of Sound

Acoustics hold a wealth of information and tell a story about our world. That’s why Salter has an entire Audio Forensic Center serving legal and law enforcement professionals with expert witness and forensic analysis. For the past 20 years, analytic integrity has been my guiding value as I provide expert consulting and testimony in over 50 depositions and courts. Subjects include audio and video authentication, voice analysis, patent and intellectual property analysis, forensic musicology, gunshot analysis and detection systems, ear witness testimony, and signal audibility. Whether I’m working with the U.S. Federal and State Courts, the U.S. International Trade Commission, or the Canada and International arbitration panels, I use the science of sound to help find the truth of the matter.

Seeking and Sharing Knowledge

Outside the courtroom, I can be found researching new audio and multi-modal technologies at NASA Ames Research Center. Since 1988, I have explored practical aerospace applications including psychoacoustic research, human factors evaluation, sound quality, acoustical modeling, and communications engineering. I am an adjunct faculty member of McGill University (Montreal), have authored over 80 publications, and hold four U.S. patents. When it’s time to get creative, I enjoy composing electronic music and playing my instruments of choice: jazz piano and harpsichord.